Hello world!

Sugar at the library, 'swimming' on the ocean creatures carpet

I can’t believe how hard it was for me to set this thing up. I meant for Disposable Income to be about my shopping habits and what they say about me. But this first post says I’m forgetful. See, I brought the USB cord, the extra batteries, and even the disc they give you with photo-editing software. The camera, however, is at home, sweating.

We evacuated our hot house today. I am environmentally conscious, and also poor, so I’m not turning on the air conditioning. I find it much more efficient, and fun, to window-shop and hang out at the library, using their air conditioning in the company of others. Just the 2 1/2* of us sucking up the AC at home? Wasteful.**

*2 1/2. Me, my daughter and the boyfriend who loves us but loves his man cave too.

**I’m deeply sarcastic, and also deadpan, so if it sounds snotty or holier-than-thou, I don’t mean it. Unless the post title starts with Rant.


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