Water Wednesdays


I’ve been exhausted lately. The cooling weather and my insufficiently insulated house mean that I am up before the sun, walking around an icebox. Depressing. I’m also dealing with actual depression. My dopamine done up and left me, and I feel pretty fatalistic in the mornings. I tweet things like “Monday has been canceled due to lack of interest” or “Dear Tuesday morning, eat undercooked testicles.” Yeah.
I realized that I wasn’t supporting my doctor and therapist. They pump me full of antidepressants and helpful words, but I’m still sluggish and unhappy. I’m also overweight.
Ya think that has anything to do with the sensation of my ass dragging the ground every morning?
I decided to make today, my busiest day, Water Wednesday. I’m not drinking anything but refreshing H2O today. Hopefully my palate will lose its taste fore caffeinated, sugary goodness. *looks longingly at Cokes in fridge* I’m hoping to establish a new healthy habit for each day of the week, until I’m ‘there’. I was also inspired by another parent in the volunteer group, who is 41 but looks 29. She only drinks water and the occasional margarita.
I’m thirsty now. To quote Trey Songz (which I’ll do at any opportunity), we got a couple bottles but a couple ain’t enough.


One thought on “Water Wednesdays

  1. Susie McCray

    Water Wednesday? Sounds like a good idea. I think I drink my weight in coffee, sodas, ice tea, and hot chocolate. My body deserves at least one day without all those sugary substances.

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