Busy, Busy, Busy


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This song plays in my head all the time. I wish I’d have never downloaded it.

The violin lessons are going. Not going well, but going. The violin is dangerously out of tune and I have no idea how to fix it. Maybe my next step as a Suzuki Strings parent is to pick up an apprenticeship at a repair shop?

I also got an email today asking me to volunteer at the high school nearest my house. Nearest my house! They are trying so hard to help me help them. If I signed up for this newest time-suck opportunity to better the lives of children, I would help kids do their FAFSA, register for SAT/ACT, and keep track of college applications. I would be assigned eight students and I would be their boat captain, floating their little talented selves to college.

I really want to help. It is damned hard to get into college. My mother tried, but at every turn it was “I did this twenty years ago, I don’t know what I’m doing!” As a more recent college student, I could be of more help. However…

Will I be any earthly good? It is October, and we are approaching NaNoWriMo. I’ve been sprinting (writing as much as I can and trying to outrun my inner editor) all month, trying to get a head start on the frenzied thirty days of ‘noveling’. I did it last year and found it to be very helpful. Well, I made friends and discovered Write or Die. I also discovered that I can’t write and make Thanksgiving dinner. I want to use the rest of this year to prepare something for publication. I have to use the rest of this year. Lesson fees and the cost of living will only rise. My income needs to catch up.

I feel rushed. The woman I want to be seems to be receding. I feel like “write NOW” and “super-mom NOW” and “volunteer NOW” or I won’t be anybody. I know that’s not true. If one of my friends was feeling this way, I’d shake her. Stop it, I’d say. You’re doing fine. If you can’t volunteer, forward the email to someone else who can give their best.

That’s what I just did. Now, I’m going to learn to tune a violin.


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