My twitter loves


Today is Typing Tuesday. Every Tuesday (barring disaster) I will be very busy blogging. I’ve heard it’s important.

I thought about making it Twitter-Free Tuesday, so I could get some writing done, but I cannot live without my cell continually bringing friendship, foolmess, and writing tips into my life. Oh, and tweets about uteri. So, in honor of the people who have made me laugh in the middle of the night, write first thing in the morning, and pray when I thought God wasn’t listening, my twitter loves list.

@1boirevolucion, @hisprosody, @susiemccray, @soulwindow, @tuckfwitter, @DG513, @VictoriaMixon, @GrammarMonkeys, @FakeEditor, @FakeAPStylebook, @amandalee, @theminorleagues, @jenlkessler, @pointycollars, @IndieBookIBC


One thought on “My twitter loves

  1. Jei.Lamar

    thanks for adding me to your love list… warms my heart!! & I’m so glad we connected….people say “it’s the internet not real life” but regardless of what it is there are still friendships made & I’m glalad I found a friend in you! -1boirevolucion-

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