Na-No-Wri-Mo! *clap 5 times*


(Comic by Debbie Ridpath Oni at and @inkygirl

Yes, the fall is upon is. Leaves everywhere, odd ‘pneumonia weather’, the kids back in school…and NaNoWriMo.

I read this tweet about the lovely writing contest: @soulwindow RT @bigkays How do you write 50,000 words in a month? >> 1667 at a time 🙂

The fun thing about NaNo is that those words don’t have to be perfect. All you do is write. Draft, outline, long strings of dialogue or description that would make an editor weep. You sprint to the finish line, outrunning your inner editor, and you do the damn thing. Write or Die! Without thinking, you are forced to make decisions about backstory, motivation, plot, character, and setting. you write things that are outlandish, that make no sense. you have characters giving birth at 11 and dying before they send crucial emails. you have monolingual kids eavesdropping on the Spanish-speaking neighbors and telling Mama all the business. Glorious senselessness. Fool-mess (copyright @soulwindow) fuckery! Sensual stupidity.

You make sense of it in December.

You write.

Join me, darlings. To NaNoWriMo!


One thought on “Na-No-Wri-Mo! *clap 5 times*

  1. Yaaaaay! I’m so excited it’s sick. LOL NOT like I do structured writing the other 11 months of the year. There’s just something about being TOLD it doesn’t have to make sense! hahaha

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