Purple For The Kids…


We’re wearing purple for “spirit day” in support of our LGBTQ friends. This is my favorite shirt, so I was glad to wear it anyway, but I really want to be supportive. I think it’s fucked up that it’s still funny to call people “fags” and say “that’s so gay” when we mean “That’s so stupid”. What if we went around going “That’s so black” or “no nigga”?

There are a couple people here in purple, and I couldn’t tell you what their intentions are. I know I feel good, though.

I had to laugh at @1boirevolucion. he said “I have a purple sweater & cardigan & it is TOO hot for that but I do got on purple briefs, that count?

That counts.

Info: http://www.glaad.org/spiritday


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