Quickie Review-Trey Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure


First Impression: A little more varied than “Ready”. Some Broadway-sounding stuff. A few potent appearances (Drake, Nikki. When will Trigga be on Young Money?)

First Listen: In my sister’s car. She had been singing about “mashed potatoes and homemade lemonade” and I wanted to know what she was talking about. I fell in love with “Made to be Together”. I don’t care that he’s been called R. Kelly Lite. I like R. Kelly Lite.

Thorough Listen: Yessss. I either like or love every song. I don’t like interludes or intros much, but I liked the Passion one and loved the Pain (the Broadway sounding one).

Rating: 4.6. Eleven songs got five stars and that’s awesome.

Best song: Oh, how do I decide? Flip a coin. Heads is Alone, tails is Made to Be Together. *flips coin* Tails it is. *dramatic singing* I can’t let you go, I won’t let you leave…

Verdict: Cop it.


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