Getting Branded


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My personal brand. I’ve heard a lot about it, and I’m looking into it. I worry about picking the wrong brand. What if my fiction readers like an aspect of my personality that turns my non-fiction/research clients off?

You need a blog, a Facebook, a LinkedIn, a Twitter, a GoodReads…I sigh at all this collected information. I don’t even know what GoodReads IS! I go to make one and, pow, as predictable as sunrise, someone needs the computer.

What I need is my own internet connection. Which I won’t be able to afford until I sell some work, which to hear the internet tell it (yes, the whole internet. They’re a friggin Greek Chorus nagging me to death) will never happen until I sign up for all these sites and make myself into a big, beautiful brand.

I have no idea what I’m doing and what I should do first. So I was very thankful for the email from the Indie Book Collective. It made me feel like a real businessperson. Invited to a WebEx conference, asked to gather information…makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And grown-up. I don’t have to keep telling my mother I’m looking for a job. I have a job. Part of it is figuring out this promotion thing. I don’t have to wait until things are perfect. IBC has been very welcoming, even though I’m at the earliest stages of book promotion (yes, still writing!). Branding may not be as painful as I thought.


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