Getting Clients


I’m stressed! It’s good stress, though. The stress that leads to a paycheck. Which I will run downtown to spend. I can’t get a ride if I want to. A stupid, dumb, entitled, evil, selfish, wench of a drunk driver totaled my sister’s car. We are all bruised, angry, and intensely thankful for each other.

So I’m running the city, looking for a lawyer, looking for clients for my writing services, and trying to learn how to advertise myself. I’m a person who won’t do anything if it can’t be perfect. Paralyzing perfectionism.

I have another blog, and one fine day, it will be devoted to my academic writing. Testimonials, academic writing samples, and ideas and thoughts provoked by my assignments. The goal is to make people want me to write their papers.

Why am I so afraid? When you’re marketing your work, are you nervous? What makes you go for it?


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