Looking for myself…



My twenty-second birthday cake says "Look at that. Twenty-one. Again."

My twenty-second birthday cake says "Look at that. Twenty-one. Again."

I get bored sometimes and google my thoughts. “I lied about my age today.” “I want chocolate.” “I hate to clean.”


I’m looking for reinforcement, I guess. To know that someone feels how I feel. To not feel like “the only one”.

I started to do it today, but I figured, maybe someone else is looking for me. Another single mother frustrated with her child support arrangement, frustrated with job flexibility, and mad as hell that she has to be living her first recession NOW, right as the child starts school, or right as the weather turns one drafty apartment from “quirky and unique” to “freezing rat hole that I should burn down for the insurance money”. Maybe you’re here because you searched “knight in shining Armani,” wondering if you were the first to coin the phrase. You weren’t, and neither was I *pissed*. Maybe we share a love for Young Money music, and maybe we share the fear that we’re getting to old for such.

Tell me. What’s on your mind? What do you want to share? What do you wish someone would blog about? For me it’s “financial planning for the extremely broke.” I want to hear somebody WITHOUT a 401k talk about how to get started. I always hate when people say “cut out cable” and I think “I did that when I sold my TV!”


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