You got your resolutions…


Shannon, taken in the bathroom, MySpace Style lol

Why wait? I have already started on my New Year’s resolutions. I always find myself saying, this is the day. This is the day I’ll follow the routine to the letter, the day I’ll be perfectly patient, the day I’ll write two blog posts and a book chapter. Doesn’t happen. So I don’t think it will happen on January 1st, either. To that end, I’ve spent this month getting a head start on my goals for next year. I want to be the woman I see in my dreams. I want to be my own Prince Charming, buying what I want when I want. I want to inspire others. And honestly, I want to wear a bikini.

Working Out

I’ve worked out every day this month. I’ve lost three pounds and I see these little parentheses under the flab on my stomach. A nascent waistline! I read somewhere that optimists are inspired by visualizing positive outcomes, and pessimists are inspired by visualizing negative outcomes. Well, my positive visualization is Maliah (prolly NSFW). She’s so thick, but in shape at the same time. I don’t know if I want to be her or go to Massachusetts and marry her. Well, okay, I want to be her. I want a little belly and an ass with its own gravitational pull!

To that end, I’ve been sqatting, stretching, jumping rope and guzzling water. I signed up for Livestrong, and I like it. There’s an app that lets you track calories consumed on the left, and calories burned on the right. I’ve always said “you eat too much,” to myself, but Livestrong’s tools make the discrepancy visible.

What about you? Do you have health-related goals for the new year? Anything you’re working on now that you want to continue into 2011?

Writing More

I love sleep. It is delicious. It tastes like chocolate cream pie, and tastes even better when I have no business being asleep. I can waste a whole day in bed, vaguely aware of the sun moving across the sky outside. My phone buzzes to remind me to get Sugar off of the bus, and voila! a wasted day.

So what will I do differently? I programmed some reminders in my phone from Advice to Writers and Quotes for Writers, two twitter accounts I follow. They make me feel like writing, sometimes. Sometimes, they just make me feel guilty. Guilt is not a good tool for me. I get angry at the source of the guilt, and I ignore it.

So the next step is to associate it with another habit. As I said, I’ve been working out everyday. So from now on, I’ll be writing after I work out. Hopefully both habits will stick.

What about you? Any writing/work goals for 2011?


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