Why are you here?


So, a few days ago, I called Susie and Janel. We had a conference call. It took ages to get the three of us on the phone. Kids, sensing that the adults were actually being productive, made noise in the background. Yeesh. Those short people always need something, don’t they?

Anyway, we discussed our goals. You will not believe it, but we all decided that we needed to write more! And blog! Can you imagine?

I feel the pressure. I know what it’s like to go to a blog you like and realize that you’ve read the last ten posts already. Twice. This person is on hiatus, sick, in jail, their computer was repossessed, whatever. That doesn’t matter to you. You’re disappointed. I don’t want you to be disappointed with me.

So when I commit to blogging “more”, what can I realistically do? The SHINE challenge (http://blog.writingspirit.com/2011/01/2011-shine-online-blogging-challenge.html) has a few guidelines I found helpful. Julie says our blogs are essential parts of our platform, and should provide a service to our readers.

That scares me too. What do I provide exactly? Snark? Encouragement? Hell, what do you want from me? *shakes you*

So, comment, please. Tell me why you’re here. What do you want from me?



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