Picture Day!


These are all pictures taken by my daughter, Sugar. I love letting her have the camera. I feel like it helps her creativity, and it helps me see what she thinks is important.

I think photography is important to my writing too. It gets my imagination going. It also may help when it’s time to publish my book. I’d hate to pay more for cover art that doesn’t really express what I want it to express. I’ll be taking pictures today. My next post* will be pictures and an excerpt from my novel.

*my next next post. The next one will be an overdue #freakyfriday. My fans are clamoring!


2 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. I love photography. In fact, I love creating and working with images as much as I love writing, (dare I say it?) sometimes more! Images are such a feeling based creativity. Whether I’m looking through dozens of photographs, searching for the one that *feels* right, or creating a graphic and trying this, and trying that, until all of the sudden I relax and know–that’s it!

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