On a Friday night…


OkCupid’s profile asks me what I’m usually doing on a Friday night. I originally said “Drinking with my sisters,” but the site kept telling me to get my profile over 500 words. So I wrote this

On a typical Friday night, I am:

In a low-ceilinged basement, a muted TV showing sports highlights in the corner. I sit in front of it. No one minds. The cards come out and with shouts and laughter, I proceed to lose my first hand of spades. The blunt is rolled, lit, and passed to the right. I accept it, pleased at its weight, but hand it to a sibling. I don’t smoke, but I love to be around them when they do. They are mellow, occasionally deep. They eat alarming amounts. My little brother cleans my plate and tries to peek at my hand. I pull the fan of cards to my chest and squeal. “Stop cheating!” my older sister says. “Can’t take you nowhere.” She sets a heavy glass tumbler in front of me. Clear and bubbly, I know she’s perfected my order of a weak Sprite and Sapphire. She distributes beer, Hennessey, and Pepsi to my baby sister, who has to drive me home. My brother in law starts the music. My other sister and I squeal over Drake’s utter fuckability, and when we realize we share a crush, we plan to fight one another, as soon as we beat our brothers in spades.


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