Review: Russian Seduction by Nikki Navarre



I’m a blunt reviewer, so let’s cut to the recommendation: buy it.

This is one of the smartest romances I’ve ever read. I love books where the heroine’s career matters to her, and I appreciate authors who don’t skip past these scenes in a rush to the bedroom. 

It operates at a slow boil for the first 25 percent, with Alexis, the US diplomat and beautiful divorcee, working on an issue involving Russian aggression. Of course the hero is Russian and aggressive, and Alexis had to fight to keep her wits about her against his extreme attractiveness. Patience pays off for Alexis and the reader. She gets scorching sex as well as important information.

The major conflict as Victor seduces her is the history between Russia and the US. Alexis’ predecessor was fired for an affair with a Russian, and Alexis can’t be sure Victor is fully interested in her, or in compromising her mission.

A romance reviewer on Amazon called it boring, but I really think she was expecting something else. This is a romantic spy story, that will definitely be appreciated if you already enjoy spy novels.

Nikki Navarre’s website


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