Review: Seduction’s Canvas by KM Jackson





In short: buy it! 4.0 stars.


  1. An interesting story for those of us who love gossip blogs and Page 6.
  2. An interesting heroine with talent and beauty, but insecurity too. Samara faces difficulty from her family who wants her to grow up and join the business, as well as the media and its consumers, who view her as a “poor little rich girl” with no brain.
  3. A very sexy hero. The biker-boy type is used perfectly here, given some lively dialogue and a sweet heart under a massively muscled chest J
  4. An adorable backstory. Just freaking adorable.
  5. A twist in the story that I wasn’t expecting, and haven’t seen in any other book so far.


  1. That adorable backstory? Turns into the fuel for a crazy-ass argument that just seemed included because “every romance has a black moment”. I think her reaction to Mark’s backstory was inconsistent. Up until the argument, she’d mostly worried about what her father would think of Mark, but the tiniest thing made her decide he was untrustworthy. I couldn’t see why she lost it over something so small.

I bought this myself, and I’m glad I did. I like Kwana, she’s great fun on Twitter.

(wordpress won’t let me post links today)


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