Review: Worth the Wait by Synithia Williams





In short: buy it! I gave it 4 stars on Amazon. I wish they had decimals, because I’d give this one 4.25 overall.


  1. A nice, normal heroine with a nice, normal job and a backstory that’s fairly common but very well-written. I felt like I understood the heroine’s reasoning, and felt for her difficulty in making the decision to have premarital sex.
  2. An attractive hero with a reason to be in the heroine’s life and an interesting backstory.
  3. An interesting story: a virgin picks a player to deflower her, figuring he’ll at least be good in bed.
  4. He is really good in bed, and their chemistry is always believable and sexy.
  5. Some fun, caring side characters who are all close-knit and add some humor and good advice.
  6. The ending will make you laugh, cry and roll your eyes just a little bit.


  1. Needed a bit of line editing. A few sentences seem completely jumbled; some dialogue has dropped quotation marks so it’s hard to tell who is speaking. I’ve had this issue with other Crimson Romances.
  2. Also, there’s a huge spoiler for another Synithia Williams book that I wanted to read. I haven’t bought that one yet, and now I don’t think I will. I like the close friendships between the characters, and of course in romance an HEA isn’t a surprise. The fact that some of Tasha’s friends get married or hook up isn’t the spoiler. What’s spoiled is the mechanism for how one of the couples ends up together. Maybe the books should be read in order, but I see nothing to indicate that. 

One should disclose these things, so, I bought this myself 🙂


Synithia Williams’ Twitter


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