Review: The Boss by Abigail Barnette





In Short: Get It When It’s Free

1) Very steamy sex

2) An interesting story about Sophie’s work life and friends. I learned a lot.

3) Sophie was real. She contradicted herself, she made mistakes, she lied…it was interesting.

1) I didn’t know it was a preview. Kindle was telling me I was 99% in and I was confused. Unless they patched things up in the last two sentences…
2) I don’t think anyone should pay for a preview. I feel like if you pay 99 cents or 9 dollars, you should get a book. Beginning, middle, end. What I felt at the end of this story was described in the book as “sub drop”…getting someone emotionally involved then yanking the rug from under them. I was annoyed, but at least I didn’t pay to be annoyed. I don’t know if it will go back to free download again.
3) I hate when a book has so much sex I find myself skipping over it. Back to back sex scenes were very well written but they were so close together I became overstimulated. I prefer a leveling-off between sex scenes, so that anticipation can build when the next one begins.
4) Some people may like this, but you should know there are some painful sex scenes. The talent the author has for making you feel it sometimes translated into discomfort too. Depends on your comfort level.


This is my first low review and I’m feeling bad about it. Abigail Barnette is also known as Jenny_Trout, a funny Tweeter and blogger, whose takedown of 50 Shades of Gray drew me to her. I think I’m reviewing the cliffhanger presentation more than the book itself.

I’m sure there’s a deeper post in here about the value of books in the Kindle era, but I have midterms next week.

Since one’s supposed to clarify these things, I got this book when it was free on Kindle.



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