Wildflower day 3


I’m late! unless you live in Mississippi, in which case, good evening.

I think today is stories set in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I can’t up with a few:

70s: parents send their kids to the new trend in public education, the magnet school. When their kids hijinks get them cakedinto the office, they rediscover one another. The former friends from opposite sides of the racial divide have to decide if Cincinnati, their families, and their hearts are as progressive as they seem.

80s: Coke and a Smile: Latifah has always been her daddy’s girl. Beautiful and child, she may as well have a sign on her back that says “look but don’t touch”. When her father goes missing, Latifah feels she has to roll up her sleeves and run his coke operation. NYC is her home, and her mother’s idea of packing it in and going to Cincinnati is unthinkable. Zane, a young “chemist” and dealer, would love to help her, and help himself to her lovely lips. their adventure will challenge them to stay out of jail, and out of bed.

90s: Constance wishes she weren’t so shy. It’s only on the Web that she can be herself. She’s spent all her money on dial up and waits impatiently for messages from FireStarter, the closest thing she’s ever had to a boyfriend. Her mother warns her about the dangers. She has no idea who she’s really communicating with. when Fire invites her to his Kansas City home, will she go?